The company Fratelli France s.n.c. since 1978 engaged in the production of metal furniture, cabinets, drawers and filing cabinets are just some of our products, in fact thanks to specialized equipment and advanced technology, the company is able to produce everything that is closely related to the processing of steel and stainless steel.

The painting is done in-house, using a system of the latest generation, able to drastically reduce the processing time, giving us the possibility to choose from a wide range of colors. All this in favor of a more complete customization of the workpiece.

Our flexibility is not limited to the following: As the domestic production, and with more than 30 years of experience in the field, we are able to meet any specific, responding quickly to individual requests, as the most important quantities.

Our production, is able to furnish, not only offices and workshops, as well as schools, hospitals and communities; counting among its customers, major companies in the industry.

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